All students will be allowed ONLY 3 unexcused absences from December through June, our recital month. If a student has missed more than 3 classes without a parent/guardian calling the studio, that student will not be allowed to participate in the recital. Each student is expected to come to class fully prepared with proper attire, head to toe, each week. This policy is in place to ensure that all students are properly prepared for the recital and the best education possible is provided to those who attend class every week


Tuition is based on 33 weeks of classes with 3 weeks built in, free of charge for any unforeseen cancellations. There will only be a makeup class if more than 3 classes have been cancelled. Installments are payable over nine (9) months, September through May. There will be a $15.00 late fee for all monthly payments not received by the 1st of the month and a $20.00 fee for any returned check. An invoice will be sent only if a late charge has been assessed to your account. Any student with an account that is more than two (2) months delinquent, will not be allowed to participate in class(es) until that account has been brought current. All tuition payments are non-refundable.


There is a one time fee of $20.00 per student for all new students upon registration. There will be a discounted $15.00 registration fee for all returning students and a late registration fee of $25.00 once classes have begun.

All persons attending the annual dance recital in June will need to purchase an admission ticket. Tickets will go on sale in the spring with a lottery system in place that is based on the order registrations are receive. The first to register will have the first option to purchase recital tickets before they are available to the general public.

Please note that all students performing in the annual recital in June will need to purchase one costume for each class. The costume fee is $80.00 per Child size costume and $90.00 per Adult size costume and must be paid in full no later than November 15th.


Class placement is based solely on ability level and is subject to approval by the Director. This policy assures that each student receives the proper training at the appropriate level.