​​​​​Placement in dance classes is based solely on ability level and is subject to approval by the Director.  This policy assures that each student receives the proper training at the appropriate level.

TUMBLE TOTS – An introduction to dance classes for our youngest dancers 18 mths – 3 yrs. Children will explore movement and improve gross motor skills by utilizing props, various types of music, tumbling and dance.

TINY TOT TAP, JAZZ & BALLET (ages 3 & 4)  An introductory  tap, jazz and/or ballet class for our younger dancers.

PRE- TAP, JAZZ, BALLET, ACRO AND HIP HOP(ages 5-7)  Jazz, ballet, acro, hip hop and tap classes modified for younger students.

BALLET (ages 7-Adult) This is a classical form of dance which is the foundation of most dance forms. The Classical Ballet syllabus is based on the Royal Academy of Dance for the pre-ballet levels, on ABT & Cecchetti for all other levels. Vaganova elements are introduced starting in Level 3. In level 3, some students may be given permission to start pointe training.

JAZZ (8-Adult) Various styles of dance related to types of music, including classical jazz, blues, hip-hop, Latin and lyrical are explored with accents on strength, flexibility and technical combinations.  This class is centered on ballet-based technique, as a carefully built, solid technical foundation is essential in order for a student to excel as a jazz dancer.

LYRIC: (8-Adult) A form of dance based in ballet technique that incorporates movements from jazz, modern and contemporary styles.

TAP (8-Adult) A form of dance where rhythmical sounds are created by the feet focusing on musicality and rhythms.  A variety of styles are introduced to the students and utilized throughout their training.

ACRO (5 & Up) –  Based in gymnastics, this class combines acrobatics with dance.  Students will learn all forms of tumbling, gain strength and work on flexibility.

HIP-HOP (5 & up) – A type of street dancing that anyone can participate in, regardless of previous dance experience, in which a variety of hip-hop music is used.

COMPETITION COMPANY – Special competition and performance groups formed through an audition process. The ballet program is required for all Company members.  Company members will also be required to comply with a disciplined code of conduct, which will be fully discussed with student and parent before classes begin in mid-August.

PRIVATE LESSONS  Individual lessons are available for all dance forms and ability levels. Solo/duo/trio or specialty classes will be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time by teacher and student(s).  Dances learned in private lessons will appear in the recital, however, will only compete upon approval by the director.  Time slots available for private lessons are limited and will be given in order of registration.